11-54-0000 VHF Power Amplifier
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11-54-0000 VHF 25W Power Amplifier

Operates over the range 138-162MHz and with 4-5 watts input it will deliver 25 Watts. Switching bandwidth of ±5MHz with 20 Watts minimum output.


Operating over a frequency range of 138MHz to 174MHz, the Salcom 11-54  Power Amplifier provides up to 25 Watts of power from a 4 Watt input.

The 11-54 has a switching bandwidth of 5MHz with 20 Watts minimum output.

The power sense operates with a minimum of 3 Watts input and switches both the power and aerial relays.  It will operate satisfactorily with down to 400mW drive, but the PTT connection must be grounded to operate the receive and transmit changeover.

A  2dB 50Ω input matching pad allows connection to awide range of devices, and provides high tolerance to mis-tuning without the risk of instability.

In the receive mode, the 11-54 will pass a receive signal with less than 1dB attenuation.

The three stage aerial filter attenuates all spurious emissions to less than -30dBm.

The 11-54 is protected against accidental power connection reversal.

The green LED operates at all times with the power connected, and the red transmit LED operates only when the 11-54 is switched to the transmit mode.


Frequency Bands 138-174MHz
Power Output 25 Watt typical, 4 Watt input
Power Requirements +13.8V, 4.5A typical, 6A max @ 25W output.
Standby: 4mA (power LED current)
Power sense switches both relays
Power Indication Power connected - green LED, PTT activated - red LED
Duty Cycle 50% @ 25W power output (13.8V)
Stability 2dB 50Ω input pad
Relay switched supply current on PTT command
Switching bandwidth ±5MHz, 20 Watts minimum with 4 Watts input
Power Input 3 Watts minimum 
Transmit enable Power sense circuit operates relay (3 Watt min) 
Receive Mode  
Spurious Outputs -30dBm max 
Case Dimensions 140mm x 105mm x 33 mm 
Reduced Power Operation
Power Input 1 Watt = 10W, 2W = 18W approximate output power
Transmit enable Ground PTT, 3mA source 
RF BNC input and output 
Power and PTT  2 x 2 way plug and socket, screw connrections (supplied) 


Product Brochure 11-54 Product Brochure
User Manual 11-54 Product Manual
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