12-84-7000 VHF/UHF Relay Output Receiver
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12-84-7000 VHF/UHF Relay Output Receiver

The 12-84-7000 is a scalable, high sensitivity paging receiver with serial connectivity and 4 controllable outputs.


Using the 12-84 Relay Receiver, devices can be controlled remotely by sending commands from a portable or fixed location paging transmitter or wide area paging network to switch relays on or off.  It is available in two versions, a VHF 12-84-7150 and a UHF 12-84-7450.

The unit receives and decodes a numeric or alphanumeric pager call.  If the received unit number matches the 12-84 unit number or group number, the relays are switched as commanded by the message.

The receiver is supplied with two clean contact relays rated at 1A 24V DC operation. LED's indicate receiver operation and the relays' status. Two additional open collector outputs are also provided.

Normally closed and normally open relay contacts are available and the relays can be individually programmed for latching or momentary operation.

The 12-84 is an economic solution for basic remote control applications where only one or two switched outputs are required.

Should a greater number of relays be required, this can be achieved using the Salcom 12-34 Relay Output Module which provides another four relays. This module can be "daisy chained" to allow any number of relays to be controlled.

Network paging messages can be monitored on a PC (using  software such as Salcom's VisualPET paging software) using an optional cable to connect the computer to the 12-84 programming connector.

  • Extremely sensitive receiver;
  • Synthesized frequency selection;
  • POCSAG message format;
  • 12 volt operation;
  • Individually programmable outputs;
  • RS232 serial output (optional cable) provides the ability to monitor network paging messages;
  • Ideal for remote switching applications - lights, pumps;
  • Capable of operation on normal POCSAG paging networks or in-house systems for remote operation applications;
  • Reverse polarity protected;
  • LED indication of correct receiver operation;
  • Relay restoration on power-up;
  • Rugged extruded aluminium case.


Power Supply  10V to 17V, nominal 12V
RF Frequency 148-161 MHz (model 12-84-7150). Synthesized
450-470 MHz (model 12-84-7450). Synthesized
Input Current Standby: 60mA plus 18mA per energized relay
Channel Spacing 6.25kHz, 12.5kHz or 25kHz
Relay Contacts 1 Amp@24VDC
(not suitable for 240VAC connection)
Receiver sensitivity Approximately -124dBm
Audio conditioning 300Hz – 3kHz passband software defined pre-emphasis DTMF and CTCSS (<300Hz)
Aerial Connection Supplied with BNC connector and antenna
No. of Capcodes Up to 16 or decode any capcode
Priority Decode One of four levels
Paging Protocol POCSAG 512, 1200 baud
Message Type POCSAG numeric, alphanumeric, inverted or normal
Enclosure 135mm x 100mm x 30mm
Environmental Protection Requires protection from weather
Operating temperature -10 to +50 degC


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