12-86-0000 Key Ring Transmitter
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12-86-0000 Key Ring Transmitter

440-470MHz extremely small direct to pager keyring or pendant paging transmitter, ideally suited for retail and rest home assistance applications.


Ideally suited to retail assistance and rest home emergency applications, the 12-86 is an extremely small, high specification, key ring or pendant paging transmitter capable of transmitting text directly to pocket pagers.

Using an appropriate receiver, the 12-86-0000, can also be used for any general remote control applications such as turning on lights, disabing alarms etc.

By default they are supplied with four buttons, but one, two, three and five button options are available on request.

Powered by a standard CR2032 coin cell, the transmitter will operate for more than one thousand transmissions under normal conditions before needing to be replaced.

The 12-86 range of products can send text messages directly to paging receivers, providing simpler, lower cost systems since intermediate receivers and transmitters are not required for short range applications.

Any button on the unit can be programmed with a unique message, be it for display on a pocket paging receiver, or for control purposes. 

To achieve this, free programming software is available for download from the Salcom website (www.salcom.com), although the units can be supplied from the factory pre-programmed with the required messages.

Utilising the software, the 12-86 can be programmed serially (which requires the purchase of a programming cable and involves opening up the unit), or by using the alternative visual programming method.  

The visual programming method, although slower, allows for the unit to be programmed using an XP computer and an LCD monitor without opening up the case. The data is transmitted to a light sensitive receptor in the unit by flashing the screen from white to black as can be seen in the product brochure.


Power Supply  3 volt CR2032 button cell
RF Frequency UHF: 440-470 MHz synthesized
Input Current Standby: 100nA   Transmit: 45mA
Battery life Approx. 1000 transmissions
Approx. 10 years standby
Output Power -5dBm
Modulation Carrier FSK with NRZ data
Deviation ±4.5kHz
Transmit Duty Cycle Up to 20%, 30 seconds continuous
Baud Rate 512 Baud
Message Format POCSAG
Enclosure Plastic keyring 61mm x 31mm x 6mm
Environmental Protection Requires protection from weather
Operating temperature

-10 to +55 degC
-30 to +60 degC on request


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