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Salcom joins NZTE Fernmark Programme

We are very pleased to announce that we’ve recently become a New Zealand FernMark Licensee. The FernMark Licence Programme is the Government’s official ‘country of origin’ accreditation programme, designed to protect and promote New Zealand products to the world.

  • From now on, you should start seeing the ‘FernMark’ (the Government’s trademarked Silver Fern) appear on some or all of our products. The FernMark acts as a ‘tick of approval’ from the New Zealand Government.
  • Becoming a FernMark Licensee means we’ve met all the eligibility criteria, which includes being GST registered in NZ, having a substantial level of New Zealand ownership, governance and employees and having exported for at least 12 months. The criteria also requires that our products are made, grown or designed in New Zealand, which is why the New Zealand Government is happy for our products to represent New Zealand around the world.
  • That should give you huge amounts of confidence in what you’re buying. The FernMark proudly endorses those who support the values of our nation. When you see the FernMark you can be confident that it represents a product born of New Zealand.
  • It also gives both you and us peace of mind through the work of global monitoring service, Yellow Brand Protection. The service trawls over 800 online trading sites for any illegitimate use of the FernMark. That’s good news for you, as it maintains the credibility and integrity of the products you're buying.
  • You can further verify the product is licensed by entering the unique Licence number underneath the FernMark via www.newzealand.com and check to make sure you’re buying authentic New Zealand products.
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Salcom is a New Zealand based developer, manufacturer and supplier of wireless solutions for use in Paging and Telemetry applications.

With 34 years’ experience and being ISO9001 (2015) accredited, Salcom’s solutions include industrial remote-control products, telemetry systems and radio paging products suitable for hospitality, commercial, industrial, agricultural and worksite safety applications. Salcom also provides communications systems to first response & emergency services.

Salcom has the resources to provide clients with complete, tailored solutions, examples of which include a nationwide satellite communications system (Fire & Emergency New Zealand), a Tsunami Warning System (Pacific Island of Niue) and Track Site Safety System (Kiwirail – NZ).

In addition to a wide range of standard “off-the-shelf” products used for paging, data transmission and emergency solutions, a skilled team of engineers can design, manufacture and document systems to meet specific customer requirements.


Launching Soon!

20-62 VHF/UHF – TCP/IP Transmitter

Salcom's new 20-62 I.P capable transmitters will be available in VHF or UHF, with user-programmable power outputs ranging from 50 milliwatts to 5 Watts. Using programming software, each model can be tuned across it's full frequency range with no hardware adjustments. All models can be programmed remotely or be used to message remotely using TCP/IP.

20 62 0000 A hm bConfiguration of the transmitter is performed via the mini-USB port, serial port or the Ethernet port using a Salcom Configuration Tool, which allows for the setting of all operational parameters.

Further information coming soon.

Designed in New Zealand.

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