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Salcom, derived from Sea, Air, and Land Communication, is a pioneering force in New Zealand, excelling in the development, manufacturing, and supply of cutting-edge wireless and technical solutions. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our unwavering commitment to quality and durability in every product.

Our solutions transcend borders and industries, with applications in emergency services, healthcare, environmental monitoring, maritime operations, security, agricultural technology, and more. From intricate healthcare systems to sophisticated tsunami warning networks, Salcom empowers global progress with innovative technology.

At Salcom, we evolve in sync with technological advancements, constantly innovating to meet market and client demands. Our approach is rooted in proven methods and technology, ensuring robustness, reliability, and unmatched performance in every solution we deliver.

Our products are co-created with clients, designed, and manufactured in New Zealand. We take immense pride in our unparalleled customer service, delivering quality products that stand the test of time, exceeding expectations.

Salcom was founded over four decades ago as an independent offshoot of one of New Zealand’s most iconic providers of telecommunications and electronic solutions. To this day, Salcom employs engineers who were involved with the founding of the electronics industry. Now operating as a stand-alone organization, our relationship with these organisations remain strong, and we participate in many projects across their distribution network.

Our R&D Engineering team boasts members from world leading telecommunication companies, ensuring we produce the best wireless technology solutions in the world. We are proud to manufacture our products in New Zealand, where quality and reliability are necessities, not luxuries.

We have developed wireless solutions for projects around the globe, including:

Nationwide satellite paging.
Lighting systems for container ports.
Tsunami warning systems for the Pacific Islands.
Paging systems for Scott Base in Antarctica.
Port entry lighting systems for Maritime Safety.

With a proven track record from years of working with wireless solutions, you can trust us to deliver on projects of any size.

Join us in shaping the future of communication and connectivity, where every solution reflects our dedication to surpassing standards and driving progress. Salcom represents a wealth of knowledge, expertise, energy, and a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence.