Salcom Management Team

David Bremner - General Manager

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Tel: +64 (0)3 379 9523 (DDI)

Cell: +64 (0)27 533 8816


Alan Jacks - Operations Manager

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Tel: +64 (0)3 281 8618


Gareth Cameron - Systems & Service Manager

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Tel: +64 (0)3 281 8615

Cell: +64 (0)27 268 3509

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Announcing the 20-62 Transmitter with Ethernet

Salcom's new 20-62 Ethernet capable transmitters is available in VHF or UHF, with user-programmable power outputs ranging from 50 milliwatts to 5 Watts. Using the Salcom Configuration Tool (Sacoto), each model can be tuned across it's full frequency range with no hardware adjustments. All models can be programmed remotely or be used to message remotely using TCP/IP or UDP/IP. Any unit can be configured to work as a master or slave device.

Configuration of the transmitter is performed via the mini-USB port, serial port or the Ethernet port.

Designed and made in New Zealand.


Salcom is proud to be a New Zealand FernMark Licensee. The FernMark Licence Programme is the New Zealand Government’s official ‘country of origin’ accreditation programme, designed to protect and promote New Zealand products to the world.

You should see the ‘FernMark’ (the Government’s trademarked Silver Fern) appear on some or all of our products. The FernMark acts as a ‘tick of approval’ from the New Zealand Government.

This ‘tick of approval’ means we’ve met all the New Zealand Government’s eligibility criteria, which should give you huge amounts of confidence in what you’re buying.

The Programme employs a global monitoring service, Yellow Brand Protection, that trawls the web for illegitimate use of the FernMark. This means that when you see the FernMark on a product, you know it’s an authentic New Zealand product.