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About Us

Our name is an acronym for Sea, Air and Land Communications Ltd.  As the name implies, we have designed and manufactured radio communication hardware for use in marine, aeronautical and terrestrial applications.

Salcom's expertise is knowing how to get a radio signal from A to B, whether the distance is 100 metres or 100 kilometres.

Deriving from Tait Radio Communications, the iconic and global New Zealand communications company, Salcom still has 3 of Tait’s founding engineers involved in the business, along with two other ex-Tait team members on its management team.

After 40 years in business and having exported products to most parts of the world, Salcom has both knowledge and experience in just about every aspect of radio communications, from emergency marine beacons to airport runway light control and most things in between.

Salcom has been entrusted many times to protect people’s lives by providing reliable radio hardware and software for Fire, Ambulance, Hospital and Police services.
The same dependable products used for these systems are also used for solutions in irrigation, water and sewage control/telemetry, security, industrial control, lighting and many more.

Products designed to save lives need to offer super-dependable performance for many years in any application.

And if it doesn’t already exist, we can make it. Salcom is a specialist in either the custom design or the adaptation of its products to suit any application. We have won industry awards for innovation and performance and we hold a patent on a world first communications device that is ground breaking and has been developed in-house. Watch this space.

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