Forthcoming Product - the 20-03 Output Expansion Module

Forthcoming Product - the 20-03 Output Expansion Module
23 July 2021

The new 20-34 is a low cost relay output module which enables four relays to be remotely controlled using the Salcom relay control protocol. The module provides a fully scaleable relay expansion solution for the Salcom 12-84 Relay Output Paging Receiver as modules can be "daisy-chained" to control any number of relays.

While it is most commonly used to expand the number of relay outputs available on the current Salcom 12-84 Relay Output Paging Receiver, it has the potential to be utilised with other paging receivers and also can be used autonomously under computer control.

The relay unit connects directly to a 12-84 receiver or PC serial port without any special configuration requirements. The 12-84 receiver can be configured to send all relay control packets down the serial port to all other units.

A programming tool is not required for the 20-34, all configurable parameters can be programmed via the serial port using a terminal program on a PC.

On start-up the firmware version number, monoshot timer settings and unit ID are displayed, and can be changed.

The 20-34 is housed in a durable extruded aluminium case, but should be protected from the weather if installed outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Four relays;
  • Units can be "daisy chained" to control any number of relays;
  • 12 volt operation;
  • Individually programmable outputs;
  • No special software required-program configurable parameters using a terminal;
  • Can be used to switch relays under computer control;
  • Ideal for remote switching applications - lights, pumps;
  • Reverse polarity protected;
  • Optional relay restoration on power-up;
  • LED indication of operational status;
  • Rugged extruded aluminium case.