NOW AVAILABLE : 20-62 Transmitter with Ethernet

NOW AVAILABLE : 20-62 Transmitter with Ethernet
10 April 2019
Salcom's new 20-62 Ethernet capable transmitters have attained CE, FCC, Industry Canada and NZ/AS Type Approvals.

Salcom is pleased to introduce the  the 20-62 Transmitter with Ethernet.

Stock of VHF transmitters now available

Stock of UHF transmitters end of March

The 20-62 is soon to be available in VHF and UHF and be configurable from 0.5W through to 5W output, lending itself to a wide range of applications and solutions.

With Ethernet connectivity the unit can be configured or be used to send messages over TCP or UDP and can be client or server.

It will offer all of the protocols currently offered by the 12-62 Transmitter.

Welcome to the 20-62

NB: The existing 12-62 will remain supported for the time being. Please contact us for details regarding its phase-out.