16 July 2019

Salcom products have been used in a range of environmental projects for measuring and monitoring.

An application for a Weather Balloon Tracker & Display required a receiver with good frequency stability, in order to capture data from a weather balloon. Salcom developed the 15-12 Radiosonde Data Receiving System, which is a specialised device built for the University of Canterbury. It received & processed atmospheric information from data logger transmitters such as Tethersonde™, Intellisonde™, and Airsonde™. The 15-12 was able to automatically follow frequency fluctuations from the transmitter by switching channel in order to compensate for the drift.

An Estuary Tidal Buoy System required tidal data to be collected by equipment mounted onto a raft in the river estuary. Periodically the data would be transmitted to a base receiver where it is fed via RS232 into a PC for analysis.

The Pacific Island of Niue required the supply, installation and commissioning of a Tsunami Warning System. Earthquakes are detected in Hawaii and a Tsunami warning is conveyed to the Niue Control Centre, which in turn, is able to activate selected alarms from fifteen (15) positions around the island’s perimeter, according to the direction of the possible tidal wave. There is provision for testing using brief siren alarms, in addition to voice messages from the control centre. Another five (5) sites will be added soon, totalling an island wide project of 20 siren sites.