Remote Irrigation Pump Switching
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Remote Irrigation Pump Switching

By selecting appropriately from a range Salcom receivers & transmitters, a system can be implemented to control irrigation pumps reliably from a distance. This negates the need for cables and therefore eliminates any potential issues associated with its installation, its maintenance, or operational life expectancy, whilst also reducing costs.


Salcom devices have been used for distances up to 75 Km (46 miles). More is possible for line-of-sight situations.


Repeaters are also available to extend the working range of our radio links. These would need require intermediate sites between the 2 original locations.


Equipment Used: a combination of 12-88-7000 or 12-84-7000 receivers, with 11-85-0000, 12-62-0000, 12-62-3000 or 12-86-0000 Transmitters.


Now also available: 12-90-0000 Transceiver.

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